If you are a transgender patient undergoing a female-to-male or male-to-female transition, you may consider a transgender hair transplant in Turkey to achieve your aesthetic goals. With more people identifying as transgender, reshaping and adjusting the hairline may be a vital part of their transition process.

Hair transplants are a popular procedure in the transgender community as they can alter the appearance of the hairline and add volume and thickness to thinning areas. FUE hair transplants are used to change the appearance of a patient’s hairline and hair crown to aid in gender reassignment.


Hair transplants for male-to-female patients are more demanding compared to the female-to-male procedure. This is because it is highly likely that the patient has experienced some form of hairline or crown hair loss.

If a patient is experiencing hair loss around the temples and non-surgical treatments aren’t working, then an FUE hair transplant is a viable option to correct the hairline and provide a more feminine look.


If you are undergoing gender transition from female to male and taking testosterone, it is possible to experience male pattern baldness as a side effect.

Male hormones can alter your appearance, including your hairline, which can result in male pattern baldness.

FUE hair transplants are an effective form of hair restoration as the procedure can provide a natural look with a long-lasting outcome. With an FUE hair transplant, you can also generate beard growth by extracting the hair follicles from the donor area and transferring them to your face to give a more masculine look If you are transitioning genders and considering a transgender hair transplant in Istanbul to help with the process, we recommend scheduling a free consultation to discuss your hair transplant goals and how we can assist you in achieving them.

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